Campbell Bay National Park is visited by a large number of tourists as it has a verity of species of birds. It is located on the largest Island, which is known as the Nicobar Island in the eastern Indian Ocean. It is a part of Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve which is located at a distance of 190 Km from the North of Sumatra. In 1992, this part was upgraded as the national park of India which is sprawling an area of 426 square kilometers. The surroundings of this park leave its explorers mesmerized and appeal to them to come over and over again with family and friends like Taj Mahal Agra. The Campbell Bay National Park was separated by a Galathea National park. If you have a plan to visit this National park, you must be in the post till the end and collect valuable information that will help you a lot.

Flora And Fauna Of The Campbell Bay National Park:-

The Flora of the Campbell Bay National Park is mesmerizing, and its blooming timing is winter as it has various types of orchids and flowers. During the months of winter, it attracts a large number of tourists who get enthralled of its natural surroundings.

The fauna of this park is having a good variety of animals, such as Giant Robber Crab, Crab Eating Macaque, Megopode, Nicobar Pigeon, Giant leatherback turtles, many types of Eagle species, Hawkbill, Olive Ridley Turtles, crocodiles, wild pig and bat, megapode, white-bellied sea eagle, wild boar, Deer, Civet Cats, Hawksbill turtles, Fruit bat, Nicobar serpent eagle, and species of snakes such reticulated pythons, and many more wild life. After vising this place if you have flight for Delhi and you have one day free or you are a history lover then you must book delhi to agra one day tour and explore the Taj Mahal with your loved once.

Activities Done At Campbell Bay National Park:-

While being on the tour of this national park, one can make one’s tour more fascinating by doing these activities Relaxing in the lap of nature, Bird watching, Trekking, doing a nature walk, Sunbathing, wildlife spotting, enjoy mesmerizing view from the watchtower, explore the site of Indira point, etc. 

Nearby Attractions Of Campbell Bay National Park:-

While being on the tour of Campbell Bay National Park, Great Nicobar Island, Mount Thullier, Nicobar Island, INS Baaz, and many more attractions can be added to the tour plan.

Best Time To Visit Campbell Bay National Park:-

From the months of March and October are the best times to be here. During these months, the climate of this park remains pleasant and soothing which can leave anyone enthralled.

How To Reach Campbell Bay National Park:-

One can reach Campbell Bay National Park via boat and ship. It is very adventurous and thrilling journey. During one’s boat journey, one can experience its outstanding environment.